How to eat In-N-Out


Always go for the DOUBLE-DOUBLE, animal style with no pickles. Add fries and a vanilla shake to the order. While you wait, pull out two paper containers, grab onto their rims and pull the seams loose. Two is all you need to harness your favorite condiments. Ketchup? Of course. Banana peppers? A must. Your burger still has a long way to go, so pour out some water, float a lemon in it and try to chill—complementary lemon-infused water is something no one should ever pass up. Now wait patiently. Sit through ten or more orders you don't care about to slowly pass by. Soon enough, your magic number will be called out. The time has finally come. Bring your tray and take a good look at that beautiful burger. Make sure it’s not a salad—feel free to remove some lettuce if there are more than three sheets. Usually not necessary, but it happens. Salt and pepper your fries, set up your milkshake and from here on, everything is up to you.