Another intro

Sometimes, it’s hard to make sense of yourself. What is it that I want to stick my head into, and obsess about for a week? We look around and see a sad roma tomato that’s been slouching on the countertop for days. Across the living room, we spot a pot of cactus, a Tolomeo Lamp and an old Apple monitor propped up on the desk. Nothing much there either, so we move on, awaken the monitor and turn to our favorite news sites. The New York Times, Jalopnik, The Outline—whatever catches the eye. On the site, we spend our mid-afternoon reading about the the dreaded 20th, reasons not to buy a car that doesn’t listen to you on stage and the truth about diet coke—until we realize that as heartbreaking, intriguing or informative as these reads are, they aren’t the subjects we want to address on ichelle im. Whatever the world wants or needs to know will be covered and dissected by the appropriate professionals. While we value reading about the well-curated facts and opinions of our times, Andrew and I would like to follow our hearts and share our personal thoughts, stories and ideas instead. As iterated before, if you’re looking for an intelligent source for a very specific kind of information, it won’t be here. To be honest, we are both tired of writing and producing with the readers’ best interests in mind. At the end of the day, ichelle im is really for us. We both have jobs that we’re committed to, and we don’t what this to feel like work. So when our days are over, we celebrate with a dinner we’ve planned two nights before, eat like Fantastic Mr. Fox and sit next to each other in front of the old Apple monitor—adjacent to the cactus, with the lamp lightening our desk.