“Her first name and his last name came together to form a new identity. A believer in space and beauty, dedicated to timeless values. Genderless. Lost for words but keeping our sincerest intent to communicate. Welcome to ichelle im.”

010117. Today marks the birth of a new idea. Not that of a team or a collaboration, but the celebration of a new person. With one simple concept in mind, a designer and an artist joined hands to become a singular being. They observed each other in a new light, acknowledged the newfound differences and established a more refined palate. Through the experiment, the two evolved into a hybrid internet persona—we call the the result, ichelle im. 

If you are looking for an intellectual source for everyday news, you’re at the wrong place—this is not a blog that discusses trending events or provides utilitarian information. It is not our goal to inform, but to create what we want in the world.

Ideas for the future.
Beautiful objects to hold.  


The first project ichelle im presents is a hardcover book. 

Andrew often talked of designing a book on “a totally unimportant subject” and I happened to have a special soft spot for rocks, so the idea for felt came naturally. “Let’s make a book about rocks and sentiments evoked by rocks, and move on from there,” I said, and together, we decided to put together a series. Felt is the first book and there will be two more to follow. Each book will explore another “unimportant subject.” 

As mentioned above, we strive to create what we want in the world, but not all in the form of extensive projects. This is where the site comes into play, as our second objective is to leave a reflective mark—to grab hold of a passing thought or an idea that we don’t want to forget. Whether it’s the visual experience of our favorite meal or the ideal shape of a drone, it’ll be noted here in the two categories: now, or if. Whatever’s on our mind and sight today will be published in the “now” section, and “if” there is a persisting thought on what could (or should) exist in our lives, you know where that will go. 

Think of the whole thing as a curated stream of conscience, categorized by time. 

There will be one more section coming up in a month or so, but we’ll talk about it once it is real enough to click, as we may decide against it on a spontaneous whim. 

Thank you for being the first to discover ichelle im. 
We’ll see you again.