A book about rocks and what we felt about them. 100 hardcover copies. Limited edition. Anecdotes and photographs of rocks collected, “conscience letters” written and a secret buried. A treasure map. A fictional story. Renderings of product concepts and the idea of the perfect rock. Quotes by rock collectors, artists and friends. Interview with the owner of Dalma, a cocker spaniel who once collected rocks. All written in English or Korean. Includes a hand-felted rock.

Printing has begun. Orders begin February.


Publisher                             ichelle im
Release date                      2017
Printed in                            California, USA
Format                                7 x 9.5
Pages                                 256
Cover                                 Linen
Paper                                 Neenah Paper, Environment
Words                                Michelle JY Park
Design                                Andrew Kim
Editor                                  ichelle im
Copy editors                      Kim Thompson, Kim Hye-won,
                                           Choi Gwi-yeol